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New for 2010

Member management & Data carrier

Access control checkin/checkout

Communication & Marketing

Reservations and Agenda

Payment and Banking

Point of Sales

Staff management and planning

Statistics and reports


New for 2010

Linked webshop

Controlplus Fit can now be linked to a web store that allows you to sell your products online. Hosted and affordable, it is simple to set up, and it is customised to your desires. Manage your products in Controlplus Fit, adding pictures and descriptions. Then sync with Controlplus Web online, add maybe also prices with Saving points to enhance your fidelity programs.
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A social network behind your website, new for the Fitness industry

The introduction of Controlplus WEB brings a wealth of new tools that will bring the fitness industry to a higher level. With Controlplus web, you can link to controlplus fit any local service or modules of your local application and bring this online and make it accessable for your members. Let them subscribe directly as prospect on your database, filling in already all required field you which and join in a question list, you will gain a lot of time. Let them login and make straight a reservation onto your local database without any form of syncronisation, what they do online is checked and executed locally. Give your members the freedom to upgrade (eventually downgrade) their membership from your website. Let them send messages, ideas, questions, complaints and keep all these messages also stored in your local member history. You will gain a lot of time and effort at your reception, allowing you and your team to focus on more important tasks.

Prospect and sales manager

Quickly learn the profitability of a prospect with the new Prospecting module. As soon as a prospect walks in , calls in or is reached by your tele-salesteam, the followup start, meetings with sales or trainers are booked and traced with followup calls and reminders. Presentations and Free courses are also one of the features that the modules allows to book and trace. At the end of the day the salesteam can make a powerfull reporting of their sales activitites and results, as also compare them with their proposed targets

Monthly debeting changes

As from the year 2010 we are entering in a new era what is concerned banking. We have been working for many years with different local banking protocols and are very happy that finally the the banking sector has made an agreement to support the same ISO standard XML scheme for all the european countries as well as Norway, and Switzerland.

Starting from october 2010 you will no longer see your current bankfiles, rules will change concerning agreements to be made with your members and also conversions will be needed to make for exisiting contracts. For more information you can always contact us.

Controlplus Fit joined the social sports platform Allowing you to offer all services like online reservations, webshop, saving points,

inscription upgrading, stopperiods (vacation entery), exclusive reductions platform for your members as well as a complete set of marketing tools to promote your club. Sending mailings , sms campaigns, news, video's. In other words a real complete FREE wealth for the industry.
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New reservation module

In 2007 we changed the design of our programs completely to a more user-friendly interface.
Thanks to this step we were able to redesign our complete reception reservation and raquetsport module. We were able to join these 2 modules in the staff agenda and department agenda. Allowing us to add even more powerfull functionality and more logical processes. See available staff on your groupcourses and link them inmediatly to the course , they will be booked on their personal agenda and department as well. Tasks and operations are now matching one another.

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Member management & Data carrier

Data carrier & Identification

Chose the data carrier which best suites your club philosophy: bar code, swipe cards (magnetic stripe), smart cards, contact chips, contact less chips, finger print, pin number, iris….

We are happy to advice you in regards to user friendliness, cost of investment and operational cost of data carriers.

Member creation

On creation of a member you may find it very usefull to have direct access to an international database of streets, zipcodes and cities that can be linked automatically. This saves a lot of time. Also for some countries we support the reading of their National ID cards, allowing you to create your members with much less effort.


Controlplus Fit makes a great distinction between Memberships on 1 side and Subscriptions on the other side. therefore it is perfectly possible to oblige your members to have a valid membership in order to allow to buy a subscription. For example, Membership valid for 1 year, and within this period the member buys a subscription of 6 months.


Controlplus fit allows you to be very flexible with your predefinded set of subscriptions. We have visit (session ) subscripitons, periodic subscripitons (payable per month, quarter, half year, full amount at once), seasonal subscriptions (with recalculation when stepping in during a running season), Activity relative subscripitons, like having a 3 month subscription for fitness, while having also in addition a 10 session subscription for the Zumba courses or solarium.

Member Follow up

Controlplus fit has a variaty of tools to follow up your members. First we have, what we call, the subscription follow up.
In each subscription type you can program a series of follow up that can be linked to a salesperson, trainer of a specific department which will get automatically notification and tasks per member per type of subscription. For example : when member reaches week 5 of his / her subscription, sales departement must plan a call and follow plan.

All these actions will be stored on the members level, soo that any staff member can track and trace each action performed including the status of it.

Secondary we have a 1 on 1 follow up , in which you can program a task or reminder to a staff member or departement. You get notified when done, and also a report what was agreed upon.

Member Overviews

Controlplus Fit traces every single action that was done on a member.

In the overview of visits, you will see an extended detail of when a member came, what activities he/she did, how many session they did inside a subscription period, how many session are left etc...

In the payment overview, you will see a complete list of all transactions that the client paid, by date, ordernumber, payment method, clubcard (prebookings), cautions, you can see also here an overview of the monthly debeting and it's history, as well as refusals from bank.

In the overview of adaptations, you will see a complete list of all changes that were perfomed on this members file. Who sold a subscripton, when was the emails address adpated, when was the enddate changed and by whom. etc...
This gives you a full control of what you staff does on a member, but is also handy for them, too check if an action was already performed or not.

In the overview of reservations, you will have full control of all the reservations that the client made via Internet, client reservation consoles or what was reserved for him/her via the reception desk. You can also book from there to a next week or period, without having to go to the reservation module, which allows you to work much faster.

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Access control checkin/checkout

Manual Access

We know that many clubs want to keep the contact with the club members and give them a warm welcome when they arrive.
Therefore we have forseen in controlplus fit a special module to operate at the reception desk allowing you to receive your members and manage all controls like, validity checks, payment due checks, reservation confirmation checks etc... in a high speed, making it possible, even if it is manual, to let pass members in a matter of seconds. While still giving you enough time to provide a perfect smile and service.

Automatical Access

One a club made the decision to automate the checkin procedure they will find out that controlplus fit provides them the ease of work. Communication is very important here, therefore we allow attachment of normal TFT screen, on which messaging appears when the client enters or on checking leave the club.
The information prevents that members not fully understand why they cannot enter the club. You have no valid subscripton anymore, will be clear enough for the member to acknowledge that he has to renew his/her subscription.

Auto Reservations

The auto-reservation module, is a module that looks a bit the same as the automatical access, except that here is set of activities that can be programmed behind this access, and therefore, when a member tries to enter, the system will first verify if the member is not only valid, or not due, but also if he/she is allowed to access this activity with his or her subscription.
The cannot only be programmed on activity level but also to a group of activities that have been linked to a specific room or area.

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Communication & Marketing


Controlplus fit allows you to search in your database to soo what anything that you can see in the program. Also a large number of predefined search-sets come very handy to filter in a eyeblink all you valid member or due member. Search to member like to a specific salesperson, trainer, having a special status, living in a certain area, and many more.
Also within the search you can generate reports or excell sheets of you selected data.

The search enguine works also for you. If you filter on for example a certain subscription type and select also all valid members and simply return to the mail page of the program, you will be able to browse through all the valid members having such a subscription. Once you action is ready, return to search or F1 and select all again. The you can operate on your full database. Powerfull and handy.

Mailing module

In the communication module we have created an even more powerfull searcher in which you can filter beyond imagination. Your filter sets can then be sorted into mailing groups and these groups can then be linked to personalised documents in which you can program a set of precoded fields. Or you can create labels of them. Or even more powerfull , you can link these groups to an online mailing module allowing you to work with the most beautyfull online html personalised templates ever seen.

This tool is linked to on which every club can pick up his filters and selection made in the local software.

Once the group has been picked up, the sending is performed by a mail server that will also check validity of mail accounts and will also notify in case some problem would occure at a members mail.

SMS Module

Of course we also stay up with new standards, and are therefore also able to provide an SMS service module that can be linked to any selection made throughout the program.

Do you want to create an SMS to send out to your no-shows, or people that didn't visit your club for a while. Do you have a party and want people to subscribe to is by SMS. All that is possible without you having to buy your own reply Phone code at high expenses.

No we provide you these services inside the cooperation between Controlplus fit and the network.

Thanx to this network you can use all these tools at no extra expense and therefore go further then you would ever have thought.

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Reservations and Agenda

Reception desk

This application allows your staff at the reception to have a full control over all activities and and rooms that can be planned in your club. You can book also dayvisitors, prospects, companies, entire groups beside your members. The system allows you also to pre-program all your activities and there eventual pricing outside subscriptions and other ratings at other time periods or status reductions.
You can also place a booking on a waitlist until a vacant spot will appear. Create listing per lesson, per group, per day any many more. Allow also to work with a caution per reservation see further.

Client reservation console

This powerfull tool releaves the reception from all the reservation activity. With this consoles your members have the ability to make their own reservations themselves under your full control. Nobody can simply reserve, no they are checked for validity, for due amounts, for validity on the selected activity and further a caution is required which will be explained later in this subject. The can also has a control over all his / her reservations allowing him/her still to reschedule or to cancel a reservation within the pre-allowed time that was defined by you.

The reservation console also serves as confirmation basis, soo that on arrival the client can (optional ) print a ticket to give to the instructor or for Squash or sunbenches even set on the power/light needed for his activity time, it will be set off at the end of the activity.

Internet Reservation

The next step is making a private home reservation console. Yes, this is possible by connecting to or to controlplus Web on your website. This module is made in a simular way as the client reservation console but operates from the the outside of your club.

The member logs in at your site or at his personal sportspage ( 100% free of charge) and gets his agenda and schedule.

From within this agenda he/she can then browse to all the activities that are allow to him by his subscription. He can reserve straight from the internet and nothing is to be syncronized, because the booking is done straight life at your database which is processed in a high secure way.

The local application checks for validity, due etc.. as if the client would be at the club and confirmation or denial with the proper reasons will be provided.

Caution or Minutecard

In order to control the no-shows in a club, which need to be controlled when you open up your reservation schedule to your members, else they would be able to book your whole schedule without being stopped. We introduced many years a go a Caution / Minutecard system.

This is caution has 2 different processings. At first for members with a visit (session) subscription it is easy, each reservation they make a session is substracted from their subscription, soo then no

danger for you as club owner when they don't show up. When they cancel in time they get the cautionned visit (session ) back. Given he can control this now from anywere in the world we assume they can always find time to do soo.

For member having a periodic subscription the solution was harder to find, because they are anyway allowed to do anything in your club what they wish for. Except, we solved this by a system called Minutecard.

3 different ways to handle this in your club:

1) Give all you members when they start a free amout on the minutecard, and each lesson reserved is charged for a certain amount, (let say 5 euro), and go gave 20 euro to start with. Meaning they will be able to reserve 4 times. Each time when they confirm, they will get the cautionned minutecard amount back , allowing them to re-use it for their next reservation. Until the moment their amount is 0 euro, meaning they didn't show up 4 times, you have now the ability to give again a amount for free or to charge them for their caution.

2) Give nothing on the start and allow the members to go in a negative amount, then they then don't show up next time, this amount will be due to pay (as fine)

3) Give nothing, but charge this minutecard amount from the beginning, allow your club, to have control over the situation from the start.

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Payment and Banking

Payment Methods

Standard we deliver a range of pre-defined
payment methods, like Cash, Credit cards, debit payments, clubcard, and many more.
But the power here is that you can also add your own payment methods and also control them per point of sale, soo you define where, what payment method will be visible.

For example you can create a Gift Cheque payment method and pay a partial amount of your orders with such method in combination with another payment method of your choise. We also link to each payment method a bookkeeping followup, soo that you can retrieve at the end of the day, week, or selected period a complete list of all transactions that were paid by such method or in full overview.

Direct debiting

One of most important features of Controlplus Fit is the full waterproof automatic payment module. This module allows you to debit directly in batch format a full list of member transactions. Before sending out the real file you can create a test batch to check if all transactions are checked for validity on bankaccount number, domnumber, bic number etc...

We support already a large number of countries for which we can generate the local ISO banking standard files. For some countries we even support also the reading back of the mutations file comming from your bank software.

2010 is the year of change. As from then all these local standards will be left for what they were and will migrate to a new European Standard called SEPA (single euro payment area). The new XML based standard will be used in all european countries as well as a few countries, outside the EU ike Norway, Switzerland, Andorra

Invoicing and Reminders

Controlplus Fit is also equiped with a complete Debtors and Creditors module, that can be used for B2C as well as for B2B. Offers, Orders, Invoices and Creditnotes for Sales and Purchase with the necessary reports and statistics are fully available.

You can also use the invoicing system in combination with the Direct debiting module, allowing you to automacically withdraw the invoiced amounts from your clients bank account.

Reminders have also a fully automatical process up to 4 different letter can be send to a client , member or company taking into account the pre-defined timings you have setup in the system.

Also for Direct debiting we have the possibility to connect the reminders procedure to it, allowing you a better follow up of your payments.
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Point of Sales

Cash Registery

Controlpus Fit is equiped with a very powerfull Cash registery system. that is perfectly suitable for Bar, restaurant, shop and reception operations. The system allows you to sell an unlimited number of products in an unlimited number of product groups. Customise your products with pictures, icons, colors and gain full Stock control with alarm function on minimul stock quantities.

The staff member logs in onto the system and each transaction is tracable as will as joined into a endday Z-state as in you statiscs and reports.

The Touchscreen, cashdrawer and Ticketprinter make this module even more powerfull. For more information about this read more.

Within the system it is possible to sell to dayclients, members and companies.
Members have also the possibility to pre-charge their Clubcard, and don't need later on any money to pay their products which is very convenient when you have your money stored in the locker area.

Tables and kitchen

For those clubs that have a need for more control on their kitchen and tables we have enhanced controlplus with a full table and kitchen module. You can create fix tables but also create tables on the fly with numbers or with names.

Products can be marked as a kitchen product and eventually also a an extra remark or remark product (remark with additional price). When selling such product or adding this to a table, the Kitchen will receive on their ticketprinter an order with detail of the tables foods and remarks.

The bartenders can also send intermediat messages to this printer to notify the kitchen that a certain course may follow. This is really helpfull for the organisation of your Bar/restaurant department.

PDA (Windows mobile)

Once your restaurant department is growing in operation but also in size, it might be good for you to know that Controlplus Fit can also be forseen of an extra addition to the tables and kitchen module.

The Pda waiter-assistent is a tool that you can run on a Windows Mobile compatible PDA or large size smartphone (800by 480). This application will connect wirelessly to the Controlplus Fit database and will allow you to launch the Cash registery module and table+ module on it.

It posesses all the same features as the local software itself. Soo you can place orders, generate order tickets, payment tickets, book payments, book directly to a member, or even debit from his account or clubcard.

And all this with the freedom a going where ever you want in the building our outside terrasses.

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Staff management and planning


Controlplus is based on a multi-access-level system. Meaning that you can grant many different accesses to your staff members, but more important is that you can also control the visual screens and buttons for each single user or group of users.

The less they see, the less they will make wrong or see , or the more they can see, the better they can do their job without needing the management all the time, all ways are possible. It's up the management to decide what they like.

In addition to access in the program you can also expand the software with a personal agenda for each staff member, a personal workhour scheduler, a task manager or join him/her into a department or link the instructor for example to serveral classes they give in your club.


For clubs that have a lot of staff (that even do not use the system, like cleaning operators) we have created in addition to the software an access where the can clock in and on leaving or breaks, clock out.

This allows you also to manage your staff working hours, and match them up with the scheduled working hours for each individual staff member or department.


By giving each individual staff member an agenda or linked agenda to a department they can schedule all their tasks, appointements, classes and many solutions more the think of.

This gives your organisation a full digital solution that is accessable over your complete network.

(Even from home if you like). All appointements made with prospects, members, dayclient and companies are also stored on their level, soo each staff member can always retrieve the right information at the right time without having to browse through all agendas.


By linking a group of staff members to specific departments, you can make it even easier for your organisation.

Access directly the department and you will see which staff member is already occupied and who is not without having to go to each individual agenda. Also sometimes the tasks itself can be followed up by any of the staff members that is working that particual time on that department, then simply generate a task to for example Sales department and it will not matter who is working, it will be done by the person working on that department anyway.

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Statistics and reports

Visit statistics

Once you start with work with controlplus by Manual, automatical or auto-reservation access a large number of great and usefull statistics become available for you. A great wealth for you business that allows you to soo your customers preferences by activity, but also select tendences by Age, hours, type of subscription , succes and behaviour of them etc...

Also we provide a special screen that allows you to monitor, all access made throughout the building, with alarms on non-validiy or birhtday etc... Soo even a large club, will be able to get instantly the information of that client, giving them a personal 1 on 1 feeling.

Sales Statistics

Controlplus Fit is actually 1 big sales and purchase operation, soo there is a lot to gather in this module. Get all detailed by Products, Subscriptions, memberships, activities, detailed per staff member, detailed per client, detailer per payment method, per hour / minute , day, opening and closure and last but not least by bookkeeping number allowing you to feed you bookkeeper with all the details that are requiered.

Retention and Member analysis.

One of the big questions in this industry is and has always been , How can I prevent my drop outs?
Well, controlplus provides you a full equiped module in which all the necessary triggers are build in to view, analyse and filter our all data requiered to get an optimised retention policy.

Who is going to drop out next month? Who didn't visit the club for some time, (and maybe came before , to eliminate sleeping members)? How many new members did I get, and how many losses,?

Filter them out and link them in an instant to the communication module with ability to mail, sms or send letters, or even create tasks to your sales team.

What is the value of a certain subscription, is it well sold and is it well used by the members? Does it make sence to keep it on selling?

You will get an answer to all these sort of questions with these tools.

Management Information report

This report gives you a total overview on Members, subscriptions, memberships, sales, activities, bookkeeping, demographics, and many more.

All the operations performed in your club are fully detailised in this report which is provided in print or in excel formats.

Compare with other clubs in your chain or group, create additional graphs and statistics with the excel reports, making it even more visual.

Thanks to this report you get a full detail of your business and it allows you to define or redefine your objectives and targets for the future as well as great comparison tool with the past.

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Controlplus can be expanded also with a few nice features, where not extra license cost is involved but rather additional hardware is requiered.

ISDN PHONE recognition

When you have an ISDN phone central you can add to your server an incomming ISDN card that allows you on each phone call to store the phone number and root it on the screen of the related phone. The phonenumber will be used as search method and while picking up your phone, the clients detail will become available on your screen. Did you miss a call? Also no problem, you will be able to pickup a list of missed calls, with all the know information about this client.

Locker control

If you would like to automise your locker area. Controlplus can be equiped with a central PC unit on the male and female side and steer the relais of the lockers. When a member logs on with any data carrier you might use the member will get a locker number distributed by the system, taking into account the space usage in the locker area. Locker number 2 will never be given after locker number 1, on an empty locker room. Do you like to charge your members an extra fee for the usage of a locker, and much more can be programmed.

Lightning and power control

When adding to your server a TCPIP relais box (per 8 relais) (see Partners for more information) you can connect these relais to a lightning or power source.

This allows you to control at the reception desk as well as on the client reservation console to activate the lighting or power at the forseen time and will also shut off automatically at the end of the activity.

By adding this feature to controlplus you will reduce the energy cost and will gain also more control over your activities and valibility of your members.

Vending machine

In case you prefere not using a bar or shop you might want to consider a vending machine set in your club. Controlplus allows to be connected to a vending machine and the product sales will be controlled over the pre-charged clubcard.

Controlplus WEB

The introduction of Controlplus WEB brings a wealth of new tools that will bring the fitness industry to a higher level.
With Controlplus web, you can link to controlplus fit any local service or modules of your local application and bring this online and make it accessable for your
members. Let them subscribe directly as prospect on your database, filling in already all required field you which and join in a question list, you will gain a lot of time. Let them login and make straight a reservation onto your local database without any form of syncronisation, what they do online is checked and executed locally. Give your members the freedom to upgrade (eventually downgrade) their membership from your website. Let them send messages, ideas, questions, complaints and keep all these messages also stored in your local member history. You will gain a lot of time and effort at your reception, allowing you and your team to focus on more important tasks.

Controlplus Fit joined the social sports platform Allowing you to offer all services like online reservations, webshop, saving points, inscription upgrading, stopperiods (vacation entery), exclusive reductions platform for your members as well as a complete set of marketing tools to promote your club. Sending mailings , sms campaigns, news, video's. In other words a real complete FREE wealth for the industry.
Learn more.
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