Our story

Zofase international has a product group that is created thanks to a large group of customers who asked us the question to build an all-in-one tool with the objective to control their websites, developments, marketing, client cards, advertorials, etc. ...

Given Zofase international licenses on an annual basis, within 1 year time the network grew soo fast that we had to expand and after all these years the license-holders are still playing a central role in our development.

All development is made by requests of them and is therefore a real added value for all other zofase users.

In order to keep up with the demand we began to work with local partners. They stand in for you, both technically and commercially
Before founding Zofase Management, Serge Pennartz served a variety of roles at SportMed, Fitness Systems, Astra Fitness Systems and Inline Benelux.

In 1998 he decided to startup T&G Systems that was at first servicing a lot of fitness and healthclubs. More and more demand came to also start building administration tool, therefore he decided to launch in 2000 Controlplus Int. Today he is still managing director of this company as well as from Zofase Int.

Since demand kept on comming from many different angles, he decided also to start up Zofase Int in 2007 which does more web-oriented developments, of which spinned off projects like Mysportspage.eu and Mynobellife.com and commercial activities like Myrubysite.com CMS systems.