Each software bundle of Zofase has a large number of modules. We know that in order to maximize the rentability of the software a lot of training is needed. We prefere to let the customer decide which modules he wants to go deeper in and which not.

Therefore we came up with a training and seminar plan that allows each of our customers to plan each training himself. Prices for Controlplus Day trainings are rated at 95 € p.p/per day (Lunch included). Minimum number of persons to attend the training is 5 Persons, soo if there are less we will inform you. Do you wish to participate at one of these trainings? Then send us a mail.

Our schedule

Subject Location Date
Myrubysite CMS Module
Belgium 12-05-2010
Mailing and advertising
Belgium 26-05-2010
Building a website from scratch
Belgium 09-06-2010
Photoshop and Fireworks
Belgium 23-06-2010
Photography in Studio
Belgium 25-26-27/-08-2010



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